PDF : Choosing the Best Portable Document Format for One’s Use

Portable Document Format more commonly known as PDF is an all-around file format used as a means of formally presenting and exchanging records and reports. Although developed by Adobe as a reliable and easy to use technology to protect the integrity of data presented in PDF fortified documents, there are PDF tools that can be used by office employees, teachers and students not only for viewing PDF files online but also in modifying or converting PDF information in usable formats. PDF tools, usually availaible as part of operating systems can also be in the form of computer software or hardware.

The great news is that the best pdf tools that have recently launched in markets, allow document creators to create and add signatures as additional protection for their PDF. Such feature is significantly important because the esignature, which may be visible or hidden from view, serves as enhancement of the security integrated in the PDF file.

Actually, there are multiple approaches and tools in adding an esignature to a PDF file but the most popular of course is the software offered by PDF creator Adobe.

When looking for the best PDF tool that will serve one’s need for modifying or converting PDF files, one should try out the different free trial versions before deciding on the paid version to use on a more permanent basis. That way, as user, you’ll have actual experience and factual basis when making comparisons.

Some free versions actually try to create an edge by offering PDF modification features that other PDF tools provide only as paid services.

Case Example: Comparison Between Free Adobe Reader and WPS Office – PDF

  • A comparison of tutorials can also provide information about the significant features that distinguish the WPS Office – PDF from the Adobe Reader in terms of processing PDF files.
    Adobe Reader is also accessible as a cross-platform software integrated in Windows, Linux, Android, Manx and Solaris operating systems. A free Acrobat Reader Pro is available for 7-day free trial, allowing users to perform the following actions on PDFs:
  • Doccument conversion into PDF and vice versa
  • Combine PDF files into a single document.
  • Break a PDF file into several documents.
  • Modify, redact confidential data, add annotations or comments when editing PDF documents;
  • Compress PDF documents by changing file size

WPS Office PDF as part of the WPS Officem works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems. The free WPS PDF enables users for an unlimited period to edit text and images, crop pages, modify header and footer settings, which are basically the same editing features offered by the Word document processor.