“Hot Car” Deaths – Why It’s Important for Adults to Understand Their Causes

Many adults lack understanding that high cabin temperature, endanger children and pets left unattended inside locked cars and under the hot sun for hours. This has been a common problem in the US as reports have it that almost all states has had at least one incident of “hot car” death involving a child left unattended inside a parked hot vehicle, The years 2018 and 2019 saw record numbers of more than 53 children dying from heat stroke inside “hot cars.”

Apparently, many parents still do not understand the danger as 23 more children in 2021, and already 28 more in 2022 have died due to “hot car” incidents. The reports were released by the San Jose State University’s Dept. of Meteorology and Climate Science, which has been monitoring “hot car” deaths since 1998. In many of the fatalities, parents or caregivers claimed they forgot the sleeping child in the vehicle.

Actually, everyone knows the uncomfortable experience of getting inside a car that has been left exposed for several hours in the parking lot, under the smoldering summer heat. It’s not advisable to get inside especially if the temperature could already be considered as boiling temperature. Bear in mind that unlike adults, a child’s body temperature can rise at a faster rate of 3 up 5 times more quickly than adults.

Consider Investing on a Customized Car Cover

When forced to park one’s vehicle in an open space like the parking lot, placing a customized car cover for such purpose, can help maintain a cooler temperature despite being exposed to the heat of the sun. That way, getting inside to ride and drive the vehicle, wouldn’t be a super sizzling hot experience for both the driver and his passengers.

How Does a Customized Car Cover Help Reduce Heat as Additional Protection

A car cover customized to protect a car from damaging environmental elements and at the same time reduce heat that can be life-threatening, is chemically treated. The chemical coating provides the protection against harmful Ultra Violet rays. At the same time, the coating serves as blocker that prevents the absorption of heat, which in turn reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the car. The blocker prevents the build up of excessively high temperature in the car’s interior.

Another important feature of a car cover that has been customized to keep the vehicle cool while parked for hours under the heat of the sun, is the multiple layer of breathable materials constructed as car cover. The multi-layer is made from polyester that has been coated with the UV blocker, allows trapped heat to escape to prevent the rise of cabin air temperature.

However, a customized car cover is not a preventive solution against “Hot Seat” deaths as not even the best car cover can protect children from the harshest conditions.