Increase Educators’ Salary To Improve Education System

Statesmen have been figuring out ways to improve the country’s education system, but many of them fail to understand that the effectivity of learning inside the classrooms lies on the people who are actually teaching the lessons. Based on the latest figures, teacher’s salary in most states has seen a steady decline over the last ten years. The figures come from the National Center for Education Statistics, which show that the average salaries for public elementary and secondary school teachers dropped by roughly five percent between the 2009-2010 school year and the 2016-2017 period.

The decrease in salary is much more evident in states like Oklahoma and Colorado, which have seen 17 percent and 16 percent decline, respectively. It is not surprising that the teacher walkouts in the spring of 2018 were massive in these two states.

Granted, the decline in teacher’s salary is not true in every state in the country. In fact, nine states have seen an increase in average salaries of teachers over the last few years. For one, North Dakota saw teacher’s salary going up by seven percent. Aside from the teacher’s pay, there are some who demand for pensions and other benefits for educators who have been working hard to teach the students.

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