Understanding The ‘Common Core’ To Improve Quality of Education

One of the hot issues today in maintaining high quality of learning in schools is the Common Core State Standards. This is a set of academic standards for the fields of mathematics and language arts, indicating the topics that public school students must have already learned by the end of the year. The Common Core State Standards cover the students from kindergarten up to 12th grade.

The Common Core State Standards was first created in 2009 in hopes to promote equity among public school students, especially those under the K-12 program. After all, every student is expected to take standardized end-of-year tests and have the same internationally-set standards that the students must attain. Not only these standards would help the students for their next journey in college and actual working field, but also put every student on equal footing wherever they are located in the country.

Would These Standards Actually Help Students Develop Their Skills?

Still, there is a debate whether the Common Core standards must be institutionalized in public school education system, with some people arguing that this is like forcing certain things into the minds of students even though they are not actually relevant in the students’ learning experience. Critics of the Common Core also claims that these standards were developed without adequate input from actual educators.


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