That Important Issues That We Need To Face In Our Country’s Education System

We can propose a long list of ways to improve the country’s present education system. We tend to forget, however, that the best solution to all these problems in education must come from the greatest authority, and that is no other than the state itself. Unfortunately, when it comes to our education scheme, there are times when the state actually becomes the heart of the issue.

For one thing, the absence of public funding for education is the root of all the problems.

School funding continues to be the top priority of all educational problems, and this is not surprising. For starters, the American government education system consists of primary and secondary schools conducted by government taxes. Public K-12 schools receive over 90 percent of government and local insitution funding.

Several states made the first step during the Great Recession in the country to stop financing for schools and state-sponsored universities, and that is where it started to cause difficulty for all the country’s educators and students. The choice to cut the budget was understandable, though, as the bulk of state financing came from income taxes and sales revenues, which were both significantly affected by the recession.

LDS Homeschooling in CA is here to bring you all the important issues that need our attention. These concerns must be resolved as soon as possible to ensure a quality learning space for our children in school.