Brief Overview of How Astrologers Come Up with Horoscopes

If you want to know how astrologers make predictions based on zodiac signs, the area to focus on are the North Node and South Node of the luna or moon. Actually, nodes represent mathematical plots on a natal chart indicating two zodiac signs that lie directly opposite each other. To cite an example, North Node on Leo will have Aquarius as its South Node

What is the Significance of the Lunar Nodes

In relation to astrology, the lunar nodes of a zodiac provide answers to questions that persons ask in relation to their present and future life. Answers are based on their respective past performances and achievements . The North Node tells of a person’s destiny, of where they are bound to and what they could become while living on Earth.

The South Node is where the past has been etched, which astrologers study in order to unravel the life paths that have been traveled — which brought about both satisfactory results and failures. When encountered in the present, there are elements individuals destiny.

The significance of the North and South Nodes is that they provide the groundwork for a zodiac horoscope. Many astrologers actually focus on the lunar nodes by looking at the North Node signs as adjustments persons must make in order to reach their destiny. The lunar nodes tend to change every one and a half years, and millions who share the zodiac will have their horoscopes written anew.

In some cases, following the paths presented in one’s horoscope, can lead people to their soul mate and eventually to a satisfactory place where happiness and contentment can be achieved.

Example of How to Know Your Lunar Nodes

Lunar nodes are mathematically calculated, usually in relation to a person’s natal sign and falling in a specific period constituting a certain number of years. Let us say you were born or someone will be born during any of the periods below, their North Node is Scorpio while their South Node is Taurus.

  • October 05, 1956 to June 16, 1958
  • July 10, 1975 to January 07, 1977
  • February 02, 1994 to July 31, 1995
  •  ugust 30, 2012 to February 18, 2014
  • March 21, 2031 to Octtober 14, 2032

The past that has been etched in North Node-Scorpio, South Node Taurus people is that they have been too fixated on what they see and feel in the present, instead of focusing on what could be. While they spend their life as practical people entrenched in hardwork, they have a tendency to do so only to indulge in the pursuit of material things and pleasure.