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In LDS Homeschooling In CA, you will hear about the latest news and developments concerning the current education system in the country. It is our right to express our opinions on improving our children’s learning in schools. After all, it is a brighter future for the next generation that we want to ensure.

Will Standardized Tests Ensure Students’ Understanding Of Their Lessons?

One of the suggestions to improve the education system in the United States is to set a common learning standard for every school in the country. This can be done by subjecting the students all over the United States to a same standardized testing to measure how much they have learned from their respective institutions. Based on the students’ performance during the test, we can say whether their schools are actually effective in teaching important topics. If the students from a public school obtained low scores, that particular school could be help accountable for not doing their job effectively.

While the aim of the standardized test is for the benefit of the students, some critics believe that this kind of testing can be a serious source of issues in education in the coming years. This is because of the pressure to produce high test scores that is placed on the schools. Such pressure can result to non-effective way of delivering lessons in classrooms, as the teachers opt to take “teach-to-the-test” approach.

Other subjects not included in the standardized tests such as art, music, and physical education are not given enough effort to be taught properly in class. Schools and institutions could take the standardized tests as some sort of competition, and they might forget that the real purpose of these tests is to be able to effectively teach the lessons to their students.