What Education Experts Generally View as the Future of Online Learning

Without intending to, the 2020 pandemic brought to light the advantages of online learning, which have drawn different types of learners to take serious interest.

earning a degree through online learningActually, several expert educators are noticing the growing popularity of remote learning platforms especially among geographically constrained students. The convenience and flexibility of online learning are also making it possible for working professionals to upgrade their knowledge and skills to keep up with industry trends. That way, they will have increased chances of advancing in their careers by staying relevant and effective in their respective workplaces.

An article recently published by US News presents different opinions given by educators of higher education institutions, on what they view as the future of online education in colleges. The following are some examples of the changes that will transpire when colleges expand their online learning offerings:

1. Colleges will Add More Online Degree Programs

According to professor emeritus Ray Schroeder, at the University of Illinois in Springfield, colleges are now offering more undergraduate options by expanding their online degree programs particularly in the fields of healthcare and cyber security. Doing so will enable the secondary educational institutions to attract more enrollees from different geographical locations. It will take away their reliance on local and regional enrollees as means of boosting their school’s headcount.

2. Increased Demand for Open Educational Resources (OER)

open education resourcesEducation experts expect increased demand for Open Educational Resources (OER) being free education tools and materials in the form of textbooks and streaming videos. Learners will likely turn to the free-to-use platforms of public domains to maintain the affordability of distance learning as opposed to the learning materials used by traditional education.

3. Companies will Recognize Graduate Certificates and Other Online Education Credentials Awarded to Learners by Colleges and Universities

Universities and colleges will continue to award graduates of online courses with Graduate Certificates and Digital Badges as verifiable credentials that can help them progress in their search for high-paying job opportunities  or in advancing their respective career.