Computer Engineering : Find High-Paying Work Opportunities in Various Industries

In 2020, when unemployment was its highest in the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that demand for computer engineers will likely increase by 6%. The latest estimate is that around 4,000 computer engineering positions will be in demand up to the year 2028. Yet, as the turns of events have it, the number could even be more. As it is, nearly all industries are in need of good computer engineers to help them cope with the changes and challenges faced as aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Industries with Greatest Need for Computer Engineers

Apparently, our continuing reliance on computers to make all things happen quickly and accurately is the main factor driving the increasing demand for IT professionals and computer engineers. However, the two professions are set apart by the capabilities of a computer engineer who can design and build computer hardware, software and network requirements of a fully computerized environment.

What Makes a Computer Engineer Different from a Computer Scientist?

A computer hardware engineer is mostly responsible for building the machines such as CPUs, laptops, servers, monitors, smartphones and tablets, to be used in automating a computerized environment. This computer engineer partners with a computer software engineer and a network engineer.

A computer software engineer’s task is to design and create the programs, which the computer hardware will use as operating systems, whilst working with an app, a video game, and other computer-aided software. A computer software engineer is different from a computer scientist as the latter has advanced knowledge in developing algorithms, computational theories and mathematical models used by computer software engineers in designing and building programs and systems.

When working as the network engineer of a computerized system, this computer professional’s task is to set up and maintain a vast and complex system capable of connecting different computers. The goal is to configure a network system that enables all connected units to safely communicate with one another; not only within the same building but throughout the worldwide web and with the aid of a lightning fast Wi-Fi connection.

Vast Selection of Work Opportunities for Computer Enginners

Computer engineers who are well rounded in all aspects of the three main aspects of building a computer infrastructure, can easily find work in different industries. Businesses with core focus on telecommunication, mobile device manufacturing, transportation systems, robotics and aerospace technology, are currently the leading industries with great need for highly-skilled computer engineers.

Other computer engineers find work in financial institutions like banks and fintechs. They design, build and maintain a complex computer platform used by financial institutions in enabling customers facilitate automated financial transactions online and through different applications.

Some others with vast expertise offer their services as consultants; usually to lead a team of computer engineers holding entry level positions as computer hardware engineers, computer software engineers or network engineers.

As there are different levels of educational attainment, specialization and expertise that distinguish computer engineers from their peers and competitors, the salaries they earn as computer specialists also differ. Factors like industry type and location of the hiring office can also influence the amount of salaries received by computer engineers.