The Impact of Watching Anime on Children’s Education

A person sticking printed posters of anime characters on a wall


Children these days love to watch anime like Naruto, Demon Slayer, One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, and others. They obsess so much over these Animae TV series to the point that they collect figurines of these characters and other collectible items.  This even leads up to children wearing anime-themed shirts like those you can find from Naruto Clothing. Some people may be concerned about bad eyes and rough words, but there is also a positive influence from TV anime. In this article, I thought about what kind of anime to choose that would lead to a good influence on education.

The positive influence of TV anime series

Contrary to what people commonly believe, not all Animae is about fighting scenes, fighting for what’s right or what’s wrong. There are Animae features that are family-oriented, it teaches good moral lessons to children. Such an Animae is My Neighbor Totoro created by Studio Ghibli.

So here is how it affects children in a positive way. 

It’s a communication opportunity. The topic of TV animation often comes out among children in kindergartens and nursery schools. At home, adults can share topics by enjoying the same programs as children together. TV anime can be a good topic to talk about with family and friends, and it may be a chance to communicate.

Get new information. I feel that one of the advantages of television is that children can get information that they do not yet know. Children learn new things like insect names, types of animals, places, and even countries.

Visually understandable. Children sometimes can hardly understand some things with the use of words alone. However, visual viewing on TV increases their understanding. Animae, with its amazing graphics, appeals to many children. So when presented with a new topic via Animae, they tend to understand a topic or a subject better than just by explaining with words.

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What Anime teaches our children?

I think that you can improve children’s emotions and thinking skills by selecting and showing the contents of the anime. So, let’s see what Animae teaches our children?

Animae teaches moral lessons

The stories of Totoro, Spirited Away, Whiskers Away, and others lead children to learn what is right and what is wrong. Naruto, on the other hand, teaches the child to fight and stand for what is right.

From anime that works together with your friends to accomplish something, you can feel the importance and stress of your peers.

In addition, from “challenging various things” and “talking about success by repeating challenges and failures”, children will learn the importance of challenging and not giving up immediately even if they fail.

Develop your imagination and learn new things

Watching Animae is a fun way to develop imagination and learn new things. For example, if children watch Animae in the Japanese language with English subtitles, children can learn Nihonggo and may even speak basics as quickly as their brain absorbs new words.

In addition, some children memorize names such as animals, musical instruments, food, etc. From anime that introduces the name of things in a quiz format as “what is this?”.

Make rules and make a meaningful time

Decide the time to watch. You don’t want to watch TV or anime for a long time every day. It is necessary to decide the rules when viewing at home, such as “up to 2 hours a day” and “do not see after 9 p.m.”. It is also a point to take a break such as “10 minutes if you see it for 1 hour”.

Think about the distance from the TV. When you watch TV, light up the room and watch from a distance to prevent damage and strain to the eyes.

Don’t watch Animae when it’s dinner time. If you focus on TV by eating while watching, and you spill rice, it may be necessary to make a rule such as “do not watch TV at mealtime”.

Discuss with your children the rules

Anime is a traditional form of Japanese animation. It can be found in many forms such as TV anime, OVAs, and movies. Anime has been around for decades and has become popular worldwide. Animae can teach children life lessons that parents cannot teach at home.

To summarize this post, go ahead and let your children watch animae but be sure that you filter the type of animae you will allow them to watch. Discuss with them the do’s and don’ts so that your children will watch responsibly and will note what is good for them or not.