Famoid Instagram – Driving Great Value as an Education Resource

Instagram ReelsSocial media services provider Famoid, sees Instagram as a powerful social media channel with great value as an education resource for both teachers and students. The platform is mainly focused on giving users an Internet space in which to share photos and videos to family, friends and other Instagram users who enjoy viewing posts that impress them as highly interesting.Through Instagram, more than 2 billion global IG users find and discover photos and video clips they need in accomplishing educational chores and tasks related to their occupation, either as a teacher, a learner or both.IG users, especially teens, meet and onnect with people regardless of race, color and culture. Some have even forged bonds of friendship that they intend to forever keep as they plan to eventually meet face-to-face.Students are able to grasp the essence of themes that widely connect the various elements and humankind that live and exist across the planet Earth.

A Place for Innovative Teaching Ideas

Educators find innovative teaching ideas which many appreciate as being provided with free professional development materials through sharing and collaborating with other Instagram users. Even more advantageous is the fact that when students use the IG platform during classes, teachers are confident that their students are browsing only education-appropriate content.

Instagram as a Platform for Instapoetry

One of the emerging trends in Instagram today is Instapoetry, which apparently takes inspiration from the awe-inspiring visuals that IG users feature as Stories and Reels. Teachers use the Instapoetry trend as fun assignments that encourage students to improve their language and literary skills.
Creating themed verses leads to having the confidence to try their hand at songwriting, which is the greatest fascination among many of today’s young people.

Education to Drive Movements for Change

Stories and Reels shared by educators and students in Instagram can also instil universal motivations for launching movements toward driving social and environmental changes.
Grassroots activism that carry out movements for environmental and climate changes have found digital support at Instagram. Massive followers of IG content creators who post photos and videos of the real conditions in their geolocations have stirred various movements inspired by easy-to-comprehend education-appropriate materials.
Several years ago, the global warming and climate change issues were bewildering topics for many students across the globe. Yet the attention and motivation delivered by the multiple photos and videos posted as Instagram content got the support needed to drive important changes in every nation.