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World History, Geography and Government

In the early grades, we read a lot of biographies and historical fiction. I have many of the ones we read listed on my reading list, the Homeschooling During the Primary Years page and on my favorite curriculum page. In addition to reading, we have learned a lot from listening to old time radio shows. I have compiled a list of favorite audio here. kids playing war

Starting at about age 10, we studied great civilizations in chronological order. We spent months on each of the big civilizations like Egypt, Greece and Rome - it took us almost two years to get from the beginning through medieval times. Instead of textbooks, we use original sources, biographies, historical fiction, field trips, websites and TV /films. Some of our favorite books have been Augustus Caesar's World, The World of Columbus and Sons, The World of Captain John Smith, George Washington's World, and Abraham Lincoln's World. These books give a better picture of how world events fit together than a normal textbook or biography. Another of our very favorite books is The Other Eminent Men of Wilford Woodruff by Vicki Jo Anderson which is a compilation of short biographies about the founding fathers and the other men that asked for baptism in the St. George Temple.

We love geography at our house. We are interested in travel and love to watch travel shows on PBS. Having maps/atlas books all around the house is helpful. When a place is mentioned on TV, in a book or magazine, etc. we are more likely to look it up if the globe, map or atlas is right in front of us instead of hidden away in a far away bookcase. We also play internet geography games like the one below, When she was about 12, my daughter played games twice a week for about 5-10 minutes and became a geography wizard. It's pretty impressive and was so easy and fun! She loves it when she can beat me!

A great geography read-aloud for about ages 10 and up is Around the World in Eighty Days. I especially like this particular edition which is full of illustrations and explanations that help modern readers understand the the story and follow the world travels of Phileas Fogg.

In high school we do an in-depth study of socialism and the United States Constitution and compare different forms of government as well as economics.  ~Michele Everett




Free Resources

Why Study History? By G. Homer Durham
A Witness and a Warning By Ezra Taft Benson
Economics, Politics, and the Gospel Compiled By Robert L. Marrott
In Mine Own Way By Marion G. Romney
Eternal Principles of Government By Edwin Brown Firmage
World Peace By Dallin H. Oaks
The Law By Frederic Bastiat
Socialism Kills By Dennis Prager
National Center for Constitutional Studies
Foundation for Economic Education
Learning Through History Newsletter
Helping your Child Learn History
Interview with Thor Heyerdahl
Voices of History
Is Israel an Apartheid State?
The Middle East Problem
The Welfare State
The Power of Profit
How the Vietnam War Was Won and Lost
Hiroshima—Why America Dropped the Bomb
CNN Student News
The History Channel
The Discovery Channel
PBS History Resources
A Book in Time
Around the World for Free
Helping your Child Learn Geography
Where is That? Game
Traveler IQ
HRW Atlas
Geo Globe Interactive Geography
Interactive Geography Puzzles
Middle East and North Africa Map Game
Mapping Arabia
Lizard Point Geography Quiz
Quia Geography Quiz
Learning the Continents Through Songs & Poems
Map Machine
Owl & Mouse Free Geography Games
Infoplease World Geography
Blank Outline Maps
Geography Guide Maps
Don't Gross Out the World Game
Find the Country's Flag Game
World Flag Quiz
National Geographic for Kids
World Almanac for Kids Online
Carmen Sandiego
EyeWitness - History Through the Eyes of Those who Lived it
Active History
CIA World Factbook
Country Profiles
Country Reports
World Flag Database
Flag Guessing Game
Flags of the World
The World's Tallest Buildings
Rivers of the World
I Like to Learn Geography Games
Mr. Bowerman's Geography Games
Spanish Speaking Countries and Capitals Games
Europe's Countries and Capitals Games
Canada: Provinces and Capitals
Canada Matching Game
Africa Countries and Capitals
Asia: Countries and Capitals
Australia State Capitals
Flat Stanley Project
Landmark Project
Palin's Travels
Lonely Planet
Literature to Supplement History
World History Matching Quiz 1900-2000
Eyewitness to History
The Age of Exploration
Marco Polo and his Travels
The Vikings (BBC)
The Vikings (Nova)
Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga
Columbus and the Hand of God by De Lamar Jensen
The Mission and Faith of Christopher Columbus
Extracts of the Journal of Christopher Columbus
I'm a Hero
The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Virtual Seder Plate
Ancient and Lost Civilizations
Exploring Ancient World Cultures Online
Ancient Civilizations for Kids
History for Kids
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Ancient World Scavenger Hunt
Ancient Mesopatamia
The Ottoman Web Site
Write Like a Babylonian
Neferchichi's Tomb
Write Like an Egyptian
Ancient Egypt from the British Museum
Egypt Interactive
Secrets of the Pharoahs
Works by Plutarch
Life in Ancient Greece
The Perseus Digital Library
The Roman Empire-Children's Section
A Roman Street Game
Timeline of the Roman Empire
Maya Adventure
Mystery of the Maya
Journey Through the Middle Ages
The Face of Russia
Russian History Websites
A History of Australia
Israel's Foods and Festivals
Food Timeline
Foreign Governments
Repair History Game
Christmas Around the World

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