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Virtual Field Trips

These links feature wonderful sites that explore places in the world that you may never be able to visit in person. Even if you have been able to visit some of the places in person, you will still enjoy re-living the experience and sharing it with your families through the text, photos, videos and live web cameras on these websites. It is my hope that parents and children will sit down together to explore the world through these virtual field trips, whether or not they homeschool. A few of the field trips were hard to categorize. Rather than start a new category, I added them where I thought they fit best. Please let me know if you find a broken link or if you know of a website that should be added. These links take you away from LDS Homeschooling in California and open in a new window.  ~Michele Everett


Museums and Other Buildings

LDS Church History and Art Museum
LDS Temple Square Tour
Historic Cove Fort
Missionary Training Center Virtual Tour
Passing Through St. Peter's Basilica
California State Capitol
California Missions Tour
The Huntington Conservatory Virtual Tour
Sutter's Fort
Alcatraz Island
Cerritos Library Photos
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
Mount Vernon Virtual Tour
Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace Video
Lincoln's Springfield Home Tour
Lincoln's New Salem Virtual Tour
Westville—1850's Town Tour
Spotty's White House Tour for Kids
Historical White House Tour
The Washington Monument Photos and Video
The Pentagon Virtual Tour
Interactive Tour of Ellis Island
Ellis Island from the History Channel
Smithsonian Institution Virtual Tour
Old Sturbridge Village
The Betsy Ross House
Daniel Boone Homestead Virtual Tour
Liberty Bell Virtual Museum
Plimouth Plantation Videos
Pigeon Point Lighthouse Virtual Tower Tour
The Virtual Vietnam Memorial Wall
Museum of World War II
Laura Ingalls Wilder Home
Carnegie Hall
Eisenhower Home Virtual Tour
The Deutsches Museum
The Louvre Museum
Taj Mahal Panorama
Museum of Science and Industry
National Music Museum
Van Gogh's Virtual Tour
Mark Harden's Artchive Favorites Tour
Art Institute of Chicago
Sculpture Hill Tour
The Vatican Museums
The Vanderbilt Museum
Virtual Piano Museum
Boeing Aircraft Videos
German U Boat Tour
USS Hornet Photo Tour
See Inside a Submarine
Friends of the Hunley Submarine
The Mariner's Museum
Oregon Coast Aquarium Tour
Stony Point Battlefield and Lighthouse
Life in the E.R.
Baseball Hall of Fame Video Library
The History of Jeans
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
Mosques Around the World
Nova's Pyramids—The Inside Story
The Kremlin Tour
The Hermitage
The Menshikov Palace
Anne Frank House 3-D tour
Tower of London Tour
Westminster Abbey Interactive Tour
The Eiffel Tower
The Alexander Palace Time Machine
Leonardo Museum in Vinci
Mary Rose Warship
Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem


Nature and Science Tours

Virtual Tidepool
Monterey Bay
Following the Ceres Water Trail
Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
Alaska Scenes
Venture into Hawaii's Coral Reefs
Safari Touch Tank
Sound Safari
Green Mountain Audubon Virtual Tour
The Huntington Gardens
One World Journeys
Monet's Impressionist Gardens
Bear Country USA Wildlife Park
A Conversation with Koko the Gorilla
The World Famous San Diego Zoo
The National Zoo
Brookfield Zoo's "Way of Knowing Trail"
Congo Trek
Rainforest Virtual Tour
Birch Aquarium
EFISH: The Virtual Aquarium
Manatees in Belize
Glacier National Park Virtual Field Trip
Zoo in the Wild
Roloway Monkeys of Ghana
Lemur Babies
Desert Tortoise Natural Area Tour
The Living Desert
Santa Ana California Zoo
Sea Lion Caves
Natural History Museum Online Exhibitions (U.K.)
Bird Technology
Official Beehive Tour
Thailand's Elephant Park
The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Elephant Sanctuary in Arkansas
The Farm Tour
Chick Hatchery Tour
Tiger Homes
Arabian Hot Spots for Birding
Virtual Cat Dissection
The Microbe Zoo
Virtual Pond Dip
The Virtual Cell
The Virtual Cell Animation Collection
Cells Alive!
Virtual Microscope
The Particle Adventure
Windows into Wonderland—Yellowstone's Microbes
The Heart: On Online Exploration
The Virtual Body
Tour of Your Brain
DNA:The Instruction Manual for Life
The Bread Making Tour
The Red Sea Virtual Diving Center
Kon-Tiki Expeditions
The Sea and Sky
The Animated Virtual Planetarium
Virtual Space Tour
Solar System Model Tour
A Virtual Tour of the Sun
Fly Me to the Moon
NASA's Space Shuttle Virtual Tour
Space Wander Field Trip to Space
Virtual Mars Spacecraft Boarding
NASA's Interplanetary Photojournal
Virtual Journey Into the Universe
An Astronauts's View of Earth
San Diego Aerospace Museum
The Virtual Planetarium
Auroras: Paintings in the Sky
The Story of Echo the Bat
The Desert Caves Project
The Virtual Cave
Lechuguilla Cave
Christmas Tree Farm Virtual Tour
Sugarbush Maple Syrup Farm
Where Does Sugar Come From?
Chocolate: The Exhibition
Cranberry Harvest
Bottomley's Farms Tours
Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano
Old Ben #17 Coal Mine Tour
Explore the West with Lewis and Clark
How Hybrid Cars Work
How Everyday Things are Made
Wastewater Treatment
Sewage Treatment Tour
Visit an Estuary


Regional Tours

Nauvoo News Photo Page
Yosemite Pictures
Virtual Sequoia National Park
Joshua Tree Park Photo Tour
A Virtual Visit to the Grand Canyon
Virtual Tour of Washington D.C.
Historic Philadelphia
The Erie Canal—A Journey Through History
Valley Forge Tour
Civil War Battlefields
Gettysburg NMP Virtual Tour
Virtual Gettysburg
Arlington National Cemetery
North Carolina Virtual Field Trips
On the Prairie
Afro Ventures Virtual Safari
At Home in the Heartland
A Trip Down Route 66
Virtually Hawaii
New York Underground
Virtual Museum of San Francisco
San Francisco's Chinatown
Explore Mexico
Belize Tour of Mayan Ruins
Chichen Itza Panorama
Machu Piccu Panorama
The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
Amazon Interactive
Amazon River Dolphins
Christ The Redeemer Statue Panorama
Everest: The Interactive Tour
Window into Wonderland = Yellowstone
Kangaroo Island Diving Virtual Tour
Virtual Great Barrier Reef
The Red Centre Adventure
Naracoorte Caves Photos
Bubbling Rotorua Photos
Virtual Big Bend National Park
Virtual Reality Rome
Colosseum Panorama
The Traveling Classroom Trip to Greece
A Virtual Trip to Nafplio, Greece
Virtual Denmark
A Virtual Trip to Granada Spain
Paris by the Water
Virtual Jewish History Tour of Warsaw, Poland
Virtual Tour of Prague
Virtual Vienna
Virtual Tour of St Petersburg, Russia
Virtual Guide to Belarus
Zermatt Photos
Virtual Tour of Ireland
Irish Photos
Welcome to Scotland
Journey to Africa
South Africa
A Virtual Tour of Jerusalem
Tour Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Picture Gallery
Egypt Interactive
Nile Valley Videos
Virtual Lebanon
Petra Panorama
Afghanistan for Kids
A Forbidden City Tour
The Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China Panorama
Beijing 360 degrees
Virtual Tour of the South Pole
Field Trip to Antarctica
Virtual Tour to the North Pole


Virtual Factory Tours

Waterford Crystal Factory Tour
Yamaha Musical Instruments
Rieger Pipe Organ Factory Tour
Geers Piano Co. Factory Tour
Rickenbacker Guitars Factory Tour
A Tour in the Gibson Guitar Factory
How it's Made—Flute
Violin Factory
The Papermaking Process
Los Angeles Times Virtual Tour
Banners and Flags Factory Tour
North East Knitting Mills
Fergusons Irish Linen
Universal Screenprinting T Shirt Factory Tour
SRP Power Plant Tour
A Virtual Tour of a Nuclear Power Plant
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky Tour
BMW Factory Virtual Tour
Transparent Volkswagen Factory
How crayons are made
Spangler Candy Cane Factory
Ghirardelli Chocolate Making
How Black Forest Gummies Are Made
How Milk is Made
How it's Made: Milk
Visit to an Organic Egg Farm
Jelly Belly Virtual Tour
Double Bubble Gum Factory
Kendon Candies Lollipop Factory Tour
Fudge Factory
Eli's Cheesecake Factory
Making Moonpies
Tom's of Maine Toothpaste Factory Tour
Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel Factory Tour
Boulder Ice Cream Virtual Tour
Cheese Making Illustrated
Peeps Factory Tour
The Roundhouse (Locomotive Factory Tour)
The Making of a Lego Brick
Clay Turtle Pottery
How Cement is Made


Time Travel Tours

The Ancient Olympics
At the Tomb of Tutankhamen
Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple
A Visit to Ancient Rome
Roman Open Air Museum
A Visit to Ephesus Turkey
Corinth in Paul's day
Western Wall Tunnel Tour
The Berlin Wall
Virtual Exploration Society
Yesterday's Main Street
1904 World's Fair Virtual Tour
Maya Ruins
The First Thanksgiving
Tocqueville's America
You are the Historian


Educational Web Cams and Videos

Mormons: Myth or Reality
White House Video Tour
Sears Tower webcams
Wengen-Muerren Virtual Sightseeing
Swiss Panorama
Web Cam Central
Glacier National Park Webcams
Pyramid Cam
Yellowstone Online Tours
Rail Cams
Firefighter Protective Clothing Tour
Wild Birds Unlimited Bird Feeder Cam
New York Wild Webcams
Nest Box Cam Movies
Live Owl Nest Box Cam
Molly McGee Owl Box
Owl Cam
4-H Embryology Egg Cam
Peregrine Falcon Cam
Channel Islands Bald Eagle Cam
Blackwater Wildlife Refuge Osprey Cam
Monterery Bay Aquarium Aviary
Whale Watching TV
Animal Planet Horse Cam
Butterfly Cams
Draper's Bee Cam
Life of a Christmas Tree
Monterey Bay Cam
Monterey Bay Aquarium Outer Bay Cam
Monterey Bay Aquarium Penguin Cam
Monterey Bay Aquarium Tide Pool Cam
Monterey Bay Aquarium Otter Cam
Monterey Bay Aquarium Shark Cam
Monterey Bay Aquarium Kelp Cam
SeaTrek's Manatee Cam
Waikiki Aquarium Live Cameras
Stony Stratford Aquarium Webcam
Wildwatch Cam
Fish Eye View
Sea Lion Caves
Channel Islands Bald Eagle Cam
The Eagle Cam
Bear Cam
Live Wolf Cam
Earth Cam Network
The EleCam
Live Webcam at Riverbanks Zoo
Absolutely Apes
Cheetah Cam
ExZOOberance Animal Cams
National Zoo Cams
San Diego Zoo Spotlight Videos
Toledo Zoo Videos and Cams
Panda Cam at the National Zoo
Australian Wildlife Cams
Barrow Sea Ice Cam
Virtual Knee Surgery
Virtual Heart Bypass Surgery
Red Cross Tours
Kon Tiki Expedition full film video


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