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Nature and Science

In the younger years, most of our science was informal. Following the Charlotte Mason method, we would take nature walks, visit zoos, aquariums, nature centers, and science museums. We watched nature programs on TV and read library books and magazines about subjects we are interested in. Science comes naturally as we learn about the world around us, but we also read a lot of science books. A favorite book series we used frequently are the "New True Books" which we borrowed from the library . And we also discovered books by author Holling Clancy Holling such as Seabird, Pagoo, and Paddle-to-the-Sea, that I highly recommend for about ages 8 and up.

As the children got older, we continued to do the informal things, but I also began to give reading assignments which are then narrated on various scientific topics. We would also do Great Brain Projects on a variety of scientific topics. There are many wonderful science resources on educational television. Visit your favorite stations' websites and look for teacher resources. Many, like PBS have curriculum helps and online resources to supplement their current programming.

Sidewalk Field Trips was one of our favorite curriculum series'. For experiments using easy to find materials, we liked The Backyard Scientist series By Jane Hoffman. If you need scientific equipment, see Acorn Naturalist and Home Training Tools.

There are thousands if not millions of websites to explore on scientific topics your children are interested in. You will find many below as well as on the Virtual Field Trips page.





Free Resources

Science the Charlotte Mason Way By Karen Rackliffe
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Nature Study by Catherine Levison
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National Wildlife Federation
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EEK: Environmental Education for Kids
Nature Canada
Orange County Marine Life Refuge
California Parrot Project
Marine Science
Aquarium of the Pacific Animal Database
My Backyard: California
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Wildflowers of Southern California
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California Native Plant Society
California Native Plants
California's Plants and Animals
CalPhotos: Plants
CalPhotos: Animals
A Sound Walk Across California
California Wild
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California Animals
Oakland Zoo Animals
Bats of San Diego County
Attract California Birds to your Garden
How to Garden for Birds and Other Wildlife
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The Robin Family
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50 Birds
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Flights of Inspiration
Journey North, Wildlife Migration
American Bald Eagle Information
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The Butterfly Website
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Raising Silkworms
Beetle Science
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The Virtual Roach
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Whale Sounds
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Those that Sting (Jellyfish)
Animal Planet
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Under the Sea
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Pond Life
Microbe Zoo
Molecular Expressions
Introduction to Microscopy
Microscopic Images
A Tour of a Cell
The Size of Cells
Microscopic Images of Nature
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Composting for Kids
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Canadian Museum of Nature
Earth in Motion
Biomes of the World
Raising Frogs
Classroom Animals and Pets
Care of Animals
Zoobooks Virtual Zoo
Bottle Biology
Adventures in the Rainforest
4-H Embryology
Understanding Genetics
Rocks and Minerals
Diet Coke and Mentos experiment video
Shedd Aquarium Educational Adventures
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Educator's Cheapbook
Funology - The Science of Fun
HMS Crew Maritime Activities
Thinking Fountain
Ask Dr. Universe
Paper Plate Science
PBS Science
The Discovery Channel
Discovery School
Jefferson Science Lab
Life Cycle
The First Nine Months
Biology for Kids
Zero Bio - High School Biology
Anatomy Worksheets
The Human Body from the BBC
A Look Inside the Human Body
How the Body Works Movies
The Human Body
How you Breathe
Your Healthy Heart and How it Works
Sleep for Kids
Human Bones Matching Quiz
DNA and Genes
Cell Biology Animation
Neuroscience for Kids
The Science of Music
Cells are Us
Cells Alive!
The Heart:An Online Exploration
Brain Pop's Five Senses
Interactive Health Tutorials
Five a Day for Better Health
Nutritious Lunch Ideas
The Path of Alcohol in the Body
Science, Tobacco and You
What are Vitamins and How do they Work?
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
My Pyramid
The Science of Hockey
How Fireworks Work
Invention at Play
Making Butter
Ice Cream in a Bag
Adventures of the Agronauts
Amazing Space
Space Science Education
NASA Spacelink
The World at Night
My Stars Live
Virtual Sky
Welcome to the Planets
The Constellations
Celestial Sphere
Star Dome : Today's Sky
NASA's Picture of the Day
Cosmic Quest
Mars Exploration Program for Kids
Full Moon Fever
Astronomy Course for High School Students
The Hubble Telescope's Greatest Hits
Solar System Simulator
Sea and Sky
Amazing Space Activities
Your Weight on Other Worlds
At Home Astronomy
Solar System Models
The Transit of Venus
NASA videos
Chemistry Tutor
Virtual Chemistry
Periodic Table from Webelements
Element Displays
Periodic chart of elements
The Periodic Table of Videos
The Periodic Table of Comic Books
Chemical Elements Quiz
Molecular Expressions
Fear of Physics
The K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook
How Stuff Works
How Products are Made
How Jet Engines Work
How Hybrid Cars Work
Hybrid Cars
How the Stitching Mechanism on a Sewing Machine Works
HTML Tutorial for Kids
The Science of Surfing
Computer History Museum
Balloons Full of Holes
Colorworm Explains Color
The Essence of Simple Machines
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EdHead's Simple Machines
Everything about Construction Equipment
Northern Lights
How the Earth Works
Storm Sounds
Web Weather for Kids
Cloud Types
Wind: The Invisible Force
Hurricane Storm Science
Snow Crystals
Power of Tornadoes
How Stuff Works: Earthquakes
Make-a-Quake Earthquake Simulator
Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada
Tsunamis and Earthquakes
The Physics of Tsunamis
Facts about Killer Waves
Volcanoes in History
Avalanche Awareness
Natural Disasters
FEMA for Kids
Sparky the Fire Dog
Red Cross Interactive Zone
Kinetic City
Kids' Energy Playhouse
Is Evolution Compatible with LDS Doctrine? By Michael Griffith
BYU Evolution Packet
LDS Creation
ZionVision DVDs
Abraham's Three Truths of Astronomy By John P. Pratt
The Planets Testify of a Creator By John P. Pratt
The Constellations Testify of Christ By John P. Pratt
What Every Mormon Should Know about Astronomy By John P. Pratt
Petrified Wood: Days or Millions of Years? By John Pratt and Ronald Millet
Intelligent Design By Justin Hart
Cosmology and Atheism by Daniel C. Peterson and William J. Hamblin
The Case Against a Random Universe By Daniel Peterson and William J. Hamblin
Science and Religion from Meridian Magazine
Institute for Creation Research
The Great Dinosaur Mystery

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