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Physical Education and Health

In my mind, physical education involves not only exercise, but also taking care of our bodies through obeying the Word of Wisdom so I'm putting these resources on one page. dance class

In addition to teaching your children about the Lord's law of health and setting a good example yourself, you will need to encourage your children to get proper exercise. I did this mainly by enrolling my children in classes and team sports provided by our city. From the time they were young, my children enjoyed T-ball, city soccer and softball leagues, bowling, martial arts, dance, and much more. Two of my children were on competitive swim teams.

Of course, you can also include physical fitness into your school day by using videos, taking bike rides, going on nature walks, playing non-team sports like tennis and golf, taking up yoga, or going to YMCA classes. If you have room for it, you may want a trampoline, basketball net, or other equipment at home to encourage the children to move.

Some people who are new to homeschooling worry that their children will miss out by not being able to enroll in school sports, but as you can see there are many alternatives available. Some states allow homeschoolers to belong to school teams, but California usually does not.




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