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Music is a big part of our lives and can effect us for good or bad. Some music invites the spirit and some drives it away. Certain music has even been shown to increase brain power. Stanford University found that playing musical instruments improves reading ability.

President Gordon B. Hinckley said, "Let there be music in the home. If you have teenagers who have their own recordings, you will be prone to describe the sound as something other than music. Let them hear something better occasionally. Expose them to it. It will speak for itself. More of appreciation will come than you may think. It may not be spoken, but it will be felt, and its influence will become increasingly manifest as the years pass." (Ensign. Nov. 1975, p. 38)

Quality classical CDs can be found inexpensively almost everywhere that sells CDs. I have listed a few favorites below to get you started. If you aren't familiar with classical music yourself, start by listening to a classical music station like KUSC.  ~Michele Everett



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