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Math and Logic

You don't need a textbook or curriculum at first. Incorporate math skills into your routine by counting dinner plates and silverware, measuring the dog's food, cutting sandwiches into halves and fourths, picking out shapes in signs and so on. You can also play games (computer, board, card, or whatever you like). If you desire, you can get a simple math workbook at Costco or Sam's Club—no need to spend a fortune to teach the basics. A workbook like this will only take 15 minutes or so a day and won't take over your life like some expensive curricula.

Once the child has mastered the basic math facts, calendar and telling time, you can move in to a regular math textbook such as Saxon 54 or some other curriculum. I have several popular ones listed below along with a lot of fun activities. If you feel you aren't very good at math yourself and need help teaching your child(ren), you might look into Math-U-See which are math lessons given by a teacher on videos, or DIVE into math which are math lessons given by a teacher on CD-ROM using the Saxon math books.

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? is a great introduction to economics that can be read with pre-teens learning about money. The Boy Scouts have a few applicable merit badges, also. High school students and adults wanting to know more about economics should try Basic Economics By Thomas Sowell.




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