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Following the Charlotte Mason method, our language arts program consisted mainly of transcription or copywork, reading, and oral and written narration. We also did journal writing, letter writing, and research papers in the higher grades. We used Write Source 2000 handbook as a guide to grammar and improving writing skills. You can read it and do assignments or use it aas a reference when writing papers. All of my children enjoy writing for pleasure including writing books, short stories, poetry, songs, blogs and diaries. kids reading

I have never taught spelling or grammar as a separate subject. My children learned by doing a lot of reading and writing. Having pen pals was especially helpful for one of my children that was a poor speller. When she first got into pen-paling she was constantly asking me to spell words for her. So together we created a little spelling notebook. I would spell a word for her one time and she would write it in her spelling notebook. In the future, she would find the word in the notebook rather than asking me again. Within about a year she went from being a very poor speller to being above average. Now she's an excellent writer with very good spelling skills.

We also listened to a lot of books, articles, and speeches on CD and mp3. To read about that, go here.  ~Michele Everett




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