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Your first priority should be teaching the gospel. Depending on your family size and the ages of the members, you may decide to read the actual scriptures or you may decide to use a children's format. You could use the gospel art kit to look at the pictures while you tell the story on the back, for instance. Or you may decide to read the children's Scripture Readers. These are all available reasonably from Church Distribution. When you feel they are old enough to start reading the Bible themselves, I recommend using Penny Gardner's highlights of the Old and New Testament. Instead of reading from beginning to end, you read the stories from the scriptures. These will make more sense to the children and they will understand more of what's going on and so appreciate the scriptures more. I also recommend The Book of Mormon for Latter-Day Saint Families, The Old Testament for Latter-Day Saint Families, The New Testament for Latter-Day Saint Families, and Church History For Latter-day Saint Families, which include pictures, descriptions, discussion questions and other information to aid scripture study with children but the text is the actual scripture. Occasionally we would vary our routine and study by topics or read a church book for our gospel study time.

Hold Family Home Evening every week so it becomes a habit. It doesn't have to be a major production, but it should happen without fail. In our family we read articles from the Church Magazines together, discuss them and play a game. Sometimes the article stimulates a great discussion, sometimes it doesn't, that's OK. If the article is short and we don't have much to add, we'll read another one or two. I feel like this works for us because it doesn't take any preparation, and no one feels like any fingers are being pointed at them because we just read the latest issue. Once in a while for a change we will watch one of the FHE video segments or another church video and talk about that.

We also enjoy listening to audio mp3 books and talks on gospel subjects. There is a lot of free and inexpensive resources listed here.  ~Michele Everett




Free Resources

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We are Women of God By Sheri L. Dew
Unto the Rising Generation By Neal A. Maxwell
What I Want my Son to Know Before he Leaves on his Mission By James E. Faust
To the Children of the Church By Ezra Taft Benson
How to Teach Worldview by Cathy Duffy
Raising Righteous Children in a Wicked World By Brent L. Top and Bruce A. Chadwick
Spiritual Crocodiles By Boyd K. Packer
14 Fundamentals in Following the Prophet By Ezra Taft Benson
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