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I believe the best way to learn a new language is immersion—that is, people speak to you in the language and you speak it back. For many LDS families this is a reality since so many have served foreign language missions and are fluent in more than one language. However, for those that are not, learning a new language is still a possibility. family at dinner table

Elder Jacob DeJager said, "Parents also should see that their children begin learning languages. . . . Learning another language is then usually not so difficult for them, because they have learned how to study and therefore will make rapid progress, especially when they are guided by the Spirit of the Lord. Among people in general there is still the mistaken idea that it is very hard to learn a foreign language. But experience has proven to me that it’s more a matter of time than anything else. Almost everyone can learn a foreign language. It’s mainly a matter of being willing to spend a considerable amount of time in learning that language." (Ensign, Oct. 1982, 11-12)

The LDS Church has many resources available in a variety of languages. For instance, in some areas local missionaries teach foreign language classes. Church magazines, hymns, and scriptures are available in many languages including American Sign Language. Many popular children's books and DVDs are available in foreign languages. Reading familiar books or watching familiar videos is a great way to build vocabulary in a foreign language. The game Scrabble is also available in some foreign languages!

Of course, in order to really develop foreign language skills, you must actually practice speaking the language. If you can find a native speaking friend to converse with, that would be ideal. You can also practice by praying and reading aloud. There are additional ideas here.  ~Michele Everett




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