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Date: May 20th 2011

Dear Subscribers,
As technology has changed over the years, I have decided to change how I deliver Homeschooling News. This email group is being discontinued as of today. However, you may still enjoy reading homeschooling news through our new Facebook page, Homeschooling News. This new format will allow readers to contribute homeschooling articles as well as make it easier to share the articles and the news group with your friends. We need at least 25 subscribers before Facebook will allow us to have a direct URL. When I have one, I will send it out through this email list. Until then, you may subscribe by searching for "Homeschooling News" through the Facebook search bar.

I know that this will be disappointing to some of you that do not use Facebook, but it will make providing the news a lot more manageable for me. Thank you for your support over these many years.


Michele Everett

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