A Pill That Students Can’t Take Away Because Of Its Effectiveness

Can Steroids Cause Addiction?

Have you ever heard about using steroids (anabolic steroids) to increase your body muscles? Currently, steroids are World, Map, Pill, Earth, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticalswidely used by athletes or students who want to build muscle, in a shorter time. However, like alcohol, steroid use can cause some negative effects on your health.
Anabolic steroids can help you enlarge and strengthen your muscles in a shorter time. Anabolic steroids can also make you feel stronger and more aggressive, which is almost out of control. However, this effect can only be felt as long as you are still using it and disappearing when you stop using it.

This loss of effect when stopping the use of steroids may cause some people to become addicted to continue using it. Addictions here are different from addictions that occur due to alcohol or narcotics use. This addiction is not physiological, but psychological.

Most students want to continue to have large and strong muscles and want to continue to feel strong and powerful when using steroids. This is what makes someone from just trying to be a chronic user (continue to use it for a long time).
A study in the Netherlands in 2004 found that about half of anabolic steroid users experience signs of dependency, although it is rare to find a variety of disorders due to no longer using this steroid.

In 2006, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found that anabolic steroids have been abused because of evidence that shows signs of addiction, where students continue liking https://swfas.org/anabolics-com-review and using this drug despite experiencing various health problems due to prolonged and excessive use.

Some disorders that arise when someone tries to stop using anabolic steroids are:
• Changing mood
• Feel tired
• Feeling restless
• Decreased sexual desire
• Feel an urgent desire to use steroids again
• Depression

Although experts rarely find people who experience symptoms of drug release above, it does not mean there are none. Some students even try to commit suicide due to depression.